The Third Door

MINOS – EMI 5262442 (2000)

Spring of 2000 AD. The third door opened. What I saw and what I heard, I hope you see and hear too. In 1991 I met Theodore Poalas. His lyrics led me to open the third door to Greek, folk, melodic mode. So, I decided to entrust my songs to Maria Farantouri, a voice that has always fascinated me, a contralto voice, sensual and dramatic at the same time. It was also a challenge for me to reveal her other face, the one hidden behind her Doric voice, the tender and the erotic one… (Excerpt from L. Platonos’s note in the leaflet).

Music: Lena Platonos
Lyrics: Theodore Poalas

Maria Farantouri: voice
Yorgos Dalaras: voice
Nikos Kouros: piano, accordion, arrangement
Romeo Avlastemidis: violin
Yannis Bithikotsis: mandolin, tzouras
Babis Laskarakis: guitars
Nikos Liamis: electric guitar
Yorgos Hadzopoulos: electric guitar
Yannis Saroglou: bass
Pavlos Triandafyllidis: winds
Nikos Sakellarakis: trumpet
Spyros Glenis: percussion

01. Why
02. The third door
03. The bed
04. Sound colours – M.Farantouri / Y.Dalaras
05. The little prince – Y.Dalaras
06. Galaxies
07. The wave
08. The old women at the wells
09. Nettle
10. Alma
11. I’m love’s child
12. With a rosy kiss