Mauthausen Trilogy

Pläne 88840 (2000)

On May 7, 1995, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, Maria Farantouri -under the baton of Mikis Theodorakis- performs The Ballad of Mauthausen at the former concentration camp and today a place of remembrance. Thousands of people are present, many of them survivors, such as Iakovos Kampanellis and Simon Wiesenthal. The album, in addition to the live recording of the concert with M. Farantouri and the speech of S. Wiesenthal during the same event, includes the interpretation of the work in Hebrew by Elinoar Moav-Veniadis, in Tel Aviv, and in English by Nadia Weinberg, in Frankfurt.

Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Poetry: Iakovos Kambanellis, Elinoar Moav-Veniadis – adaptation in Hebrew, Julie Dennis – adaptation in English

Maria Farantouri: voice
Yannis Zotos: acoustic guitar, arrangement
Henning Schmiedt: piano
Lakis Karnezis: bouzouki
Gregoris Tzistoudis: bouzouki
Rainer Rohloff: classical guitar
Jens Naumilkat: cello
Wolfgang Musick: double bass
Christian Boissel: oboe, English horn
Thanassis Zotos: percussion
Nikos Antypas: drums

Elinoar Moav-Veniadis: voice
Yossi Ben-Nun: arrangement,
Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Nadia Weinberg: voice
Alexandros Karozas: arrangement, guitars, bouzouki, piano
Willi Wagner: double bass
Thorsten Kamps: saxophone, flute
Andreas Lehmann: clarinet, piano
Andreas Fatzalidis: percussion

01. Song of Songs – El. Moav
02. Song of Songs – M.Farantouri
03. Andonis – M.Farantouri
04. The fugitive – M.Farantouri
05. When the war is over – M.Farantouri
06. Song of Songs – N.Weinberg
07. Andonis – N.Weinberg
08. The fugitive – N.Weinberg
09. When the war is over – N.Weinberg
10. Song of Songs – El. Moav
11. Andonis – El. Moav
12. The fugitive – El. Moav
13. When the war is over – El. Moav
14. Speech in Mauthausen – S.Wiesenthal