07.05.2023, Germany, Munich, Isarphilharmonie, 19:00

The Best of Mikis Theodorakis. Maria Farantouri sings some of the best songs of the great Greek composer set to poetry by the major Greek poets. Henning Schmiedt (piano), Heracles Zakkas (bouzouki), David Lynch (sax & flute), Michael Porphyris (violoncello), Costas Constandinou (counterbass). Young singers Thanassis Voutsas and Alcyone participate.

06.05.2023, Ελβετία, Ζυρίχη, Volkshaus, 20:00

The Best of Mikis Theodorakis. Maria Farantouri sings some of the best songs of the great Greek composer set to poetry by the major Greek poets. Henning Schmiedt (piano), Heracles Zakkas (bouzouki), David Lynch (sax & flute), Michael Porphyris (violoncello), Costas Constandinou (counterbass). Young singers Thanassis Voutsas and Alcyone participate.

04.02.2023, Greece, Athens, Concert Hall (Megaron Moussikis), 20:00

Homage to Mikis Theodorakis. Maria Farandouri performs -for the first time in Greece- the river-song O Epizon (The Survivor) by Mikis Theodorakis, set to poetry by Takis Sinopoulos. Together with baritone Tassos Apostolou, they sing well-known and unknown songs by the great composer, with an excellent musical ensemble under the direction of pianist Achilleas Guastor.

29 & 30.01.2023, Germany, Bremen, Culturechurch St.Stephani, 19:30

Maria Farantouri – Bond of Friendship. The Greek singer interprets songs by Mikis Theodorakis accompanied by Henning Schmiedt (piano), Heracles Zakkas (vocals & bouzouki) and David Lynch (sax & flute). Tim Günther conducts The Bremer Kantorei St. Stephani.

11.11.2022, Belgium, Bruges, 20:00

Remembering Mikis Theodorakis. Maria Farantouri in a tribute to the great Greek composer accompanied by Achilleas Guastor (piano), Heracles Zakkas (vocals & bouzouki), David Lynch (sax & flute) and Michael Porphyris (cello).

08.10.2022, Netherlands, Utrecht, TivoliVredenburg, Grote Zaal, 21:50

Dutch Poetry Night. Maria Farantouri performs in the frame of the 39th Poetry Night in Netherlands singing songs of Mikis Theodorakis set to poetry by Manolis Anagnostakis, Odysseas Elytis, Iakovos Kambanellis, Kostas Kartelias and Yorgos Seferis. She is accompanied by Panos Kosmidis (piano), David Lynch (sax & flute) and Michael Porphyris (cello).

05.10.2022, Greece, Athens, Stavros Niarchos Hall of the Greek National Opera, 19:30

March of the Spirit and Songs by Mikis Theodorakis. Maria Farantouri with the bass Tassos Apostolou perform the oratorio of Mikis Theodorakis set to poetry of Aggelos Sikelianos, March of the Spirit. In the second part of the concert, Maria Farantouri with the singer Thodoris Voutsikakis present some of the most popular songs of the great composer.

23.09.2022, Greece, Corfu Island, Pano Plateia, 21:00

Α chorus for Mikis, for Greece, for Peace. Maria Farandouri with singers Antonis Koronaios and Pantelis Kontos with 400 choristers from all over Corfu and a 30-member symphony orchestra and mandolinata, conducted by Panagis Barbatis, in a tribute to Mikis Theodorakis. Texts by Clelia Harisi, narration by Nikos Anthis. Directed by Petros Gallias.

18.09.2022, Greece, Attica, Pendeli, Ducchess of Plakentia Megaron, 20:30

Maria Farantouri and Vassilis Lekkas with a small musical ensemble perform songs by Greek composers and poets.

04.09.2022, Greece, Crete, Arkalohori, Open Air Municipal Theatre, 20:00

Maria Farantouri – Manolis Mitsias interpret Mikis Theodorakis. Concert in the earthquake-stricken Arkalochori and within the framework of the program promoting and disseminating the work of the Greek composer entitled “The Spiritual and Musical Gift of Mikis Theodorakis to the Greek People”.

03.09.2022, Greece, Crete, Hersonissos, Creta Maris Beach Resort, 20:00

Concert by Maria Farantouri on the occasion of the naming of the hall -in which Mikis Theodorakis had delivered his speech entitled “Universal Harmony”, on March 10, 2006- with his name: Convention Center “Mikis Theodorakis”. Achilleas Guastor plays piano.

01.09.2022, Greece, Thessaloniki, Hortiatis, 21:00

Commemorative Events for the 78th Anniversary of the Hortiatis Holocaust. Maria Farantouri interprets the iconic work of Mikis Theodorakis and Iakovos Campanellis The Ballad of Mauthausen. Together with Vassilis Gisdakis, she also performs songs by Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hatzidakis and other Greek composers.

27-28.08.2022, Greece, Hepirus Region, Municipal Cultural Centre, 21:15

The Rose of the East. A performance that unfolds in Greece in 1950 inside a train compartment where refugees from various regions of Asia Minor, Pontus and Cappadocia meet. Song: Maria Farandouri, direction: Despina Sarafeidou, texts, narration: Vasiliki Nevrokopli, music composition, music direction: Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, musical group En Hordais. The performance is part of the Ministry of Culture’s program All Greece One Culture – dedicated this year to the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe.

13.08.2022, Greece, Chios Island, Kastrominas Area, Mikis Theodorakis Theatre, 21:00

Maria Farantouri – Taner Akyol. Maria Farantouri collaborates in the first part of the concert with the Turkish singer and composer T.Akyol performing songs from their common album Maria Farantouri sings Taner Akyol (ENJA, 2010). In the second part, the priestess of Mikis Theodorakis sings some of his best songs honoring his memory in the city where he was born.

04.08.2022, Skiathos Island, Open Air Theatre Bourdzi, 21:00

Maria Farandouri and Manolis Mitsias in a unique concert, organized by the Municipality of Skiathos. Free admission.

22.07.2022, Greece, Crete Island, Forecourt of the Museum of Ancient Eleftherna, 20:30

Singing poetry in Eleftherna. Maria Farantouri interprets poetry set to music and Dimitris Kataleifos reads poetry by great poets with a five piece ensemble: Achilleas Guastor (piano), Herakles Zakkas (bouzouki), David Lynch (saxophone & flute), Michalis Porphyris (cello), Teo Lazarou (bass). Singer Vassilis Gisdakis participates.

18.07.2022, Greece, Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), 19:00

COSPAR Athens 2022, 44th Scientific Assembly. The opening ceremony includes three tributes to personalities of Music, the first of which honours Mikis Theodorakis. Maria Farandouri performs his songs accompanied by the musicians: Achilleas Guastor (piano), Herakles Zakka (bouzouki), David Lynch (saxophone & flute) and Michalis Porphyris (cello).

13.07.2022, Greece, Elefsis, Archaeological Site, 21:00

The Silent’s Fragments. A new project for Maria Farantouri with fragments of poetry by ancient Greek poetesses adapted in modern Greek by Thanos Tsaknakis and set to music by Lena Platonos. Stage direction by Michael Marmarinos.

08.07.2022, Germany, Rudolstadt, Grand Stage Heidecksbur, 22:30

Homage to Mikis Theodorakis. Maria Farantouri, the composer’s leading interpreter, meets Israeli tenor Assaf Kacholi for a programme dedicated to songs by Mikis Theodorakis and songs for the humanity. Oliver Weder conducts the Thüringer Symphonikern Saalfeld Rudolstadt. Panos Kosmidis plays piano.

04.07.2022, Greece, Athens, Herod’s Atticus Odeon, 21:00

Homage to Mikis Theodorakis. Maria Farantouri, the composer’s leading interpreter, joins forces with the excellent baritone Tassis Christojannis and the significant conductor Miltos Loyiadis in a solemn musical evening dedicated to the memory and the valuable legacy left by Mikis Theodorakis. The first part includes songs from the iconic work Canto General set to poetry by Pablo Neruda and the second well known songs of the composer..

26 & 27.06.2022, Greece, Thessaloniki, Fortress of Heptapyrgion, 21:15

Great Voices. Maria Farantouri and Elli Paspala in a musical journey through the last 80 years of Greek music, through iconic songs by great Greek composers who left their mark on the country’s musical history. Evi Siamantas and Andrianna Bampalis participate in this event. Anastasios Simeonidis conducts the MOYSA Youth Symphony Orchestra.

08.06.2022, Austria, Salzburg, University of Salzburg, Great Hall, 20:00

Songs that made History. Maria Farantouri -in the frame of the First Ernst Bloch Symposium on the topic of Utopia & Resistance– interprets songs for the democratic values and humanity accompanied by Achilles Gouastor (piano), Heracles Zakkas (bouzouki) and David Lynch (sax & flute).

04.06.2022, Greece, Boeotia, Distomo,Open Space of the Museum of Victims of Nazism, 20:30

Maria Farantouri sings for Distomo. Concert of the performer in the context of the Anniversary Events in memory of the Distomo Massacre. Vassilis Yisdakis participates. Five-piece ensemble: Achilles Gouastor (piano), Heracles Zakkas (bouzouki), David Lynch (sax & flute), Michalis Porphyris (cello) and Teo Lazarou (contrabass) .

22.05.2022, Greece, Athens, Olympia Municipal Theatre, 20:30

From heart to memory. Homage to Manos Loizos with Maria Farantouri, Miltos Paschalidis and Apostolos Rizos on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the composer’s death.

16.05.2022, Greece, Athens, Olympia Municipal Theatre, 19:30

11th International Archaeological Film Festival AGON. The oecumenical voice of Maria Farantouri performs songs from the musical galaxy of Mikis Theodorakis, to whose memory is dedicated this year’s festival with the thematic title Oecumenical Community.

29.04.2022, Greece, Athens, Galatsi Olympic Centre, Christmas Theatre, 20:00

Concert dedicated to the Labour Day with Maria Farantouri. Famous and beloved songs by the iconic singer with the participation of R.Antonopoulou, V.Yisdakis, K.Triantafyllidis (vocals), Ach.Gouastor (piano), H.Zakkas (bouzouki), D.Lynch (winds), M.Porphyris (cello), St.Kavallieratos (double bass), G.Syntridis (drums), G.Tsokanis (keyboards), Chr.Michalis (acoustic and electric guitar). Direction by M.Androulidakis.

02.04.2022, Greece, Larissa, DOL Concert Hall, 20:30

Maria Farantouri sings Greek composers. Maria Farantouri performs with the musical ensemble “Enodeia” and the Mixed Choir of the DOL (Municipal Conservatory of Larissa), under the direction of Dimitris Karvounis, performing works by Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hadjidakis, Nikos Kypourgos and Eleni Karaindrou.

08.03.2022, Greece, Athens, The Acropolis Museum, 19:00

The Silent’s Fragments. Maria Farantouri performs part of the new work with excerpts of poems by ancient poetesses, in a modern Greek adaptation by Thanos Tsaknakis and set to music by Lena Platonos, on the occasion of the event The Expatriate Goddesses of the Parthenon.

25 & 26.02.2022, Greece, Athens, Municipal Theatre Olympia, 20:30

Listen to my Voice and Come. Homage to the Greek author Iakovos Kambanellis with his works set to music by Mikis Theodorakis –The Ballad of Mauthausen, The Neighbourhood of The Angels, The Enemy People-, by Manos Chatzidakis –Fairy Tale with No Name-, by Stavros Ksarhakos –Our Big Circus– etc. Together with Maria Farantouri sing Hero Saia, Vassilis Yisdakis and Thanassis Voutsas. Raphael Pylarinos conducts the Symphonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens.

11.12.2021, France, Paris, Grande salle Pierre Boulez – Philharmonie, 20:30

Exile. Maria Farantouri participates in a concert of the ensemble En Chordais presenting songs of the Mediterranean people on the theme of exile.

10.11.2021, Greece, Crete, Herakleion, “Andreas and Maria Kalokairinou” Hall, 21:00

Homage to Mikis Theodorakis with Maria Farantouri. A concert dedicated to the memory and work of Mikis Theodorakis under the auspices of the Cultural Conference Centre of Herakleion.

11.10.2021, Greece, Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), 20:30

17th EuGMS Congress. Maria Farantouri with a small musical ensemble performs songs from her wide repertory in the frame of the medical conference Growing old in better health – building synergies across Europe.

01 & 02.10.2021, Greece, Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), 20:30

Return to Poetry. Maria Farantouri and actor Dimitris Kataleifos with a four pieces ensemble perform songs by Mikis Theodorakis and other composers set to poetry by George Seferis, Odysseas Elytis et. al.

28.09.2021, Greece, Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), 20:30

Setting to music the Greek Poetry. Educational program for adults: conversation with Maria Farantouri and Dimitris Kataleifos. Free entrance with priority ticket (online booking).

25.09.2021, Greece, Ilion (Athens), Tritsis Park, 21:30

The songs of Mikis Theodorakis and Yannis Ritsos. Maria Farantouri participates in a concert dedicated to the songs of these two great men.