Sun and Time

LYRA 4920 (1999)

Out of the 32 poems of the cycle Sun & Time, written when he was a prisoner of the Greek junta, in 1967, Theodorakis set to music 16. Later, Timothy Dowdall adapts in English some of these songs and two of the poems, which Rainer Kirchmann sets to music in 1996 (tracks 8 & 15). It is the dreamy, almost surreal images that give the stimulus to the German composer and singer of the German rock stage, Rainer Kirchmann, to arrange and perform the work in his own way yet guided by the melodic line of Theodorakis. A challenge for Maria Farantouri, who adapts comfortably to the new atmosphere: rock ballad, ethnic and electric sound. Yannis Zotos, Theodorakis’ collaborator in Berlin, who knows the composer’s work well, also contributes to the orchestrations.

The CD includes the concert given at the Passionskirche in Berlin, on November 23, 1998, as well as three more pieces (16, 17 & 18), recorded by Kirchmann with Theodorakis in a Berlin studio, in January ’99.

Music: Mikis Theodorakis, Rainer Kirchmann
Poetry: Mikis Theodorakis – English adaptation: Timothy Dowdall

Maria Farantouri: voice
Rainer Kirchmann: piano, electric guitar, harmonica, mandolin, voice, arrangements
Christain Sadè: trumpet, tuba, piano, programming,
Yannis Zotos: acoustic guitar, oud, electric guitar, bouzouki, vocals
Yorgos Psyrrakis: saxophone, nay, percussion
Thanassis Zotos: percuassion, vocals

01. When time stops – M.Farantouri
02. Heavenly Rivers – R.Kirchmann
03. Time dissolves – M.Farantouri
04. Above the gardens of paradise – R.Kirchmann
05. When you shout / On the fourth floor – M.Farantouri
06. And on the fourth floor up above – R.Kirchmann
07. Never never never – M.Farantouri
08. As I lay down on the beach – R.Kirchmann
(R.Kirchmann – M.Theodorakis / T.Dowdall)
09. Suleyman the Magnificent – M.Farantouri
10. And when I hear you cry – R.Kirchmann
11. September the sixth – M.Farantouri
12. September the sixth – R.Kirchmann
13. All the cells are breathing – M.Farantouri / R.Kirchmann
14. Upon the arid soil – M.Farantouri / R.Kirchmann
15. Down on the earth – M.Farantouri / R.Kirchmann
(R.Kirchmann – M.Theodorakis / T.Dowdall)
16. Oh sun, I will stare into your eyes – R.Kirchmann
17. Between me and the sun – M.Theodorakis / R.Kirchmann
18. And time evaporates – M.Theodorakis / R.Kirchmann