The Negro Songs

MINOS 261 (1975)

Manos Loizos composed music for The Negro Songs by Yannis Negrepontis in the beginning of 1967. In February he presented them in student concerts with Maria Farantouri and Yorgos Zografos and in April, shortly before the military coup, with Maria and Dionyssis Savvopoulos. The recording and release of the vinyl takes place after the fall of the dictatorship with the participation of Manolis Rassoulis in the song If you are white – I am black.

Music: Manos Loizos
Poetry: Yannis Negrepontis

Maria Farantouri: voice
Manolis Rassoulis: voice
Tasos Karakatsanis: piano
Costas Ganoselis: piano
Dave Grunstein: guitar, banjo
Costas Nikolopoulos: guitar, banjo
Toulis Magkafas: guitar, banjo
Yannis Zouganelis: tuba
Theofilos Kardamis: clarinet
Michalis Tripolitsiotis: bass
Takis Govostis: percussion
Tasos Diakogiorgis: drums
Kimon Vassilias: accordion
Manos Avarakis: ocarina
Tasos Poulimenos: flute
George Katsikakis: cello

01. The Negro painter
02. Old Negro Jim
03. What do they have to separate
04. Prayer
05. Joe during the war
06. Shame to you Negro-Big
07. For two dollars
08. Jane, the prostitute
09. Judge Byrd
10. And if you are white – I am black

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