Canto General

MINOS 252/3 (1975)

Theodorakis composed Canto General in 1972 in France, when the ambassador of Chile in Paris is Pablo Neruda, who attends some of the rehearsals with his wife. In September 1973, the composer is touring in Latin America and plans to present the work at the Estadio Chile in Santiago but, while in Venezuela, he receives the news of the Pinochet military coup and the mass extermination at this pace which later will be renamed as Estadio Victor Jara. This album includes selected recordings from the four concerts at the Karaiskaki Stadium and the Panathinaikos Stadium of Athens -after the fall of the dictatorship- between 13 to 16/8/1975 – concerts attended by a total of 125,000 people.

Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Poetry: Pablo Neruda

Maria Farantouri, Petros Pandis: song
Manos Katrakis: speech
Alberto Newman, Dora Bakopoulou: piano
Evaggelos Asimakopoulos: classical guitar
Lisa Zoi: twelve-string guitar
Lakis Karnezis, Christos Konstantinou: bouzouki
Percussions de Strasbourg
Popular orchestra under the direction of Yannis Didilis
French National Choir under the direction of Jacques Grimbert

01. Algunas Bestias – M.Farantouri
02. Voy a vivir (1949) – P. Pandis
03. Los Libertadores – M.Farantouri
04. La United Fruit Co – P. Pandis
05. Vienen los Pájaros – Μ.Φαραντούρη
06. Vegetaciones – M.Farantouri
07. América Insurrecta 1800 – P.Pandis / M.Farantouri

Other Releases
RCA PFL 2-8072 (1975)
BMG / RCA ND 74883 (1991)