The Absurd

NOTOS 3904 (1976)

A note by Manos Hadjidakis with his characteristically trenchant style: “The Absurd is a cycle of folk songs for silent and private listening. The theme of the songs is the immortal Greece throughout its glorious journey and for this requires from the listeners devotion, religiosity and if possible fasting – however this does not mean that The Absurd should be heard only on Good Friday. Needless to say, the involvement of so many national assets in the performance of the work makes the album genuinely patriotic without questioning its ethos and goals”.

Vocals: Maria Farantouri, Elias Liougkos, Mikis Theodorakis, Melina Mercouri, Dionysis Savvopoulos
Choir under the direction of Elli Nikolaidi
Orchestra under the direction of Manos Hadjidakis
Spyros Reggios: flute
Nikos Ginos: clarinet
Evaggelos Skouras: horn
Vassilis Tenidis: guitar
Yerasimos Pylarinos guitar
Pantelis Despotidis: lute
Dimitris Vraskos: mandolin, violin
Tassos Diakogiorgis: metallophone, vibraphone, santouri
Aliki Krithari: harp
Lefteris Psomiadis: piano
Yorgos Lavranos: percussion
Fita Valenti: cello
Andreas Rodousakis: double bass

01. Emergency entrance – Orchestra
02. The Nightmare of Persephone – M. Farantouri
03. In the mountains of Aetolia – Orchestra
04. The horse of Omer Vryonis – D. Savvopoulos / M. Mercouri
05. Magda – M. Farantouri
06. The dance of poets – Orchestra
07. The Lamb of God – M. Farantouri
08. Kountou Luna Vini – M. Farantouri / El. Liougkos
09. Spells of Sibylla – M.Farantouri
10. The knight and death – El. Liugos
11. The prayer of the Virgin – M. Mercouri
12. Helladography – M.Theodorakis & Choir

Other Releases
NOTOS 1101 (1990)
LYRA MN3904 (1998)