Protest songs from around the world

MINOS 304 (1977)

An album with the most famous and favorite protest songs that gets a gold award soon after its release. The song My husband left is a traditional Greek one of Lower Italy in the distinctive dialect of italiotika or grecanica, a mixture of ancient & byzantine Greek and Italian. Maria Farantouri first sings it for Dimitris Mavrikios’ film Polemonta and later includes it on this album.

Maria Farantouri: voice
Costas Ganoselis: orchestrations

Violins: P. Despotidis, Sp. Tsoutsos, D. Seiras, I. Zaralis, St. Margaritis, P. Falaras
Violas: N.Kardaris, V.Giapalakis, El.Parousiadou, M.Panagopoulou,
Celli: K.Kyrou, D.Doufexiadis
Arco bass acoustic: A. Rodousakis
Trumpets: I. Theodoridis, Th. Kasimatis, T. Paterellis
Saxophone, alto clarinet: St. Vichos
Saxophone tenor: Ch. Vichos
Baritone saxophone: Sp. Metallinos
Trombone: Sp. Alexandratos
Accordion: M. Avarakis
Guitar (classical, acoustic, 12 strings): K.Nikolopoulos
Guitar (flamenga, classical, acoustic): M. Tripolitsiotis
Drums, castanets, vibra stap, cow del, tambourines, triangles, bonges, claves, maracas: T.Govostis
Mandolin: G. Kiourktsoglou
Piano, electric harpsichord, Yamaha SY-2 synthesizer, Hammond instrument, accordion: K. Ganoselis
Choir: M. Routi, L. Tsitribini, Th. Vasilaki, E. Tsampakis, D. Serefoglou, T. Zacharopoulos

01. Bella Ciao
02. My husband is gone
(Franco Corliano)
03. La Peregrination
(From Misa Criolla)
04. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
05. El paso del Ebro – Σόλο κιθάρα flamenga: Ν.Μανιάτης, σόλο τρομπέτα: Τ.Πατερέλλης
(Anonymous, 1937)
06. Gracias a la vida
(Violeta Parra)
07. La plegaria a un labrador
(Victor Jara)
08. Commander Che Guevara – Σόλο τρομπέτα: Τ.Πατερέλλης
(Carlos Puebla)
09. Joe Hill
(Alfred Hayes – Earl Robinson)
10. Te recuerdo Amanda
(Victor Jara)
11. Bella Ciao – instrumental

Other releases
MINOS 4802202 (1994)
MINOS EMI 5375352 (2001)