Sun and Time & Epiphany Averof

MINOS 232/3 (1975)

Theodorakis writes the poems of the cycle Sun and Time when he is kept in solitary confinement at the Police Headquarters in August and September 1967, after he was arrested on August 21st. Soon after, out of the 32 poems he sets to music 16. This album includes their live recording in Paris, in the Palais de Chaillot, in 1971. The numbering follows the order of the poems – the ones that have not been set to music are omitted. Much later other poems of this cycle are set to music by younger songwriters.

The album also includes the flow-song Epiphany Averoff: the whole poem I kept a hold of my life from the poetic cycle Epiphany 1937 by George Seferis.

Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Poetry: Mikis Theodorakis, Yorgos Seferis

Maria Farantouri, Petros Pandis, Maria Dimitriadi, Antonis Kalogiannis: singing
George Wilson, Yves Montand: recitation

Popular orchestra under the direction of Mikis Theodorakis:
Yannis Didilis: piano
Andreas Michalakis, Marios Vlatakis: bouzouki
Nikos Moraitis, Nikos Maniatis: guitar
Yannis Petropoulakis: bass
Gérard Berlioz: percussion
Laureate Dionne: drums

The Sun and Time
I. Hello Acropolis
II. Time dissolves
III. Oh sun, I will stare into your eyes
IV. Upon the arid soil of my heart
V. Between me and the sun
VI. When time stops
VII. The cells are breathing
XVII. Never, never, never
XX. Inside the paradise gardens of my skull
XXIII. Heavenly rivers
XXIV. When you shout
XXV. On the fourth floor
XXVI. The teeth of the sun
XXVII. Sixth of September
XXVIII. Suleiman the Magnificent

Epiphania Averoff (Epiphany, 1937)
I kept a hold of my life – A. Kalogiannis, Y. Montand

Other Release
POLYDOR 511054 (1991)