State of Siege

POLYDOR 1184357 (1970)

Rena Hatzidaki writes this poetic text -when she’s held by the military regime in the Averoff Women’s Prison- and then tears it up. It is Sylva Akrita who collects the pieces and takes them to Theodorakis. This album includes the recording of the work’s world premiere, in 1969, at the Roundhouse in London. Exiled to Zatouna from the dictatorial regime Theodorakis listens to the concert live from BBC on a little shortwave radio, which he has hidden from his guards.

Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Poetry: Marina (Rena Hatzidaki)

Yannis Markopoulos: orchestration, introduction
Maria Farantouri, Antonis Kalogiannis: singing

I. As the child
II. How this child changed
III. Time was distorted

Other Release
POLYDOR 527103-2 (1994)