Songs of Strife

POLYDOR 2393024 (1971)

The album includes songs and song cycles with a common theme: the sacrifice in the fight against the military junta in Greece. Theodorakis composes these songs from November 1969 until April 1970, in Vrachati – under house arrest, in Zatouna – in exile, then imprisoned in Oropos Camp and finally free in London, where the present recording is carried out. The Arcadia IV cycle consists of three Odes by Andreas Kalvos (1792-1869), inspired by the Greek Revolution (1821), and the connection with the struggle against the dictatorship is obvious.

Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Poetry: Alekos Panagoulis, Mikis Theodorakis, Yeorgia Deligianni-Anastasiadis, Notis Pergialis, Manos
Eleftheriou, Andreas Kalvos

Mikis Theodorakis: piano, singing, arrangements
Maria Farantouri, Maria Dimitriadi, Lakis Karalis: singing
Andreas Michalakis: bouzouki
Carl Arnold, Rose Simpson, Lakis Karalis: guitar
Andy Preston: bass

Three songs in poetry by Aleko Panagouli
01. Greece today
02. To Nikiforos Mandilaras
03. The first deads

04. When you will knock at my door
(Mikis Theodorakis)
05. Lamentation
(Georgia Deligianni – Anastasiadis)
06. Do not forget Oropos
(Mikis Theodorakis)
07. For non-obedience to the instructions
(Mikis Theodorakis)
08. The valiant
(Notis Pergialis)

Bouboulinas Street in poetry by Manos Eleftherios
09. The letter
10. The court-yard
11. Who pursues my life
12. Close the window

Arcadia IV in poetry by Andreas Kalvos
13. The Volcanoes
14. To Samos
15. The wishes

Other Releases
MINOS 217 (1974)
MINOS 4803142 (1994)
POLYDOR 527501-2 (1996)