18 Little Songs of the Bitter Homeland

MINOS 193 (1973)

18 quatrains by Yannis Ritsos, 16 of them written on 16/9/1968 in Partheni of Leros, where the poet is in exile from the dictatorial regime, and after receiving a secret message from Theodorakis asking him to set to music unpublished poems of his. Next year, in Karlovassi of Samos, Ritsos writes two more and edits them all.

Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Poetry: Yannis Ritsos

Singing: Maria Farantouri, Petros Pandis, Aphrodite Manou, Achilleas Kostoulis
Popular orchestra under the direction of Mikis Theodorakis:
Yannis Didilis: piano, santouri
Achilleas Kostoulis, Thanasis Sarelas: bouzouki
Nikos Moraitis, Nikos Maniatis: guitar
Υannis Petropoulakis: bass
Gérard Berlioz: drums

01. Rebaptism
02. Chat with a flower
03. Patience
04. People
05. Memorial
06. Dawn
07. It is not enough
08. Green day
09. Common liturgy
10. The water
11. Cyclamen
12. Lean girls
13. The white chapel
14. Tombstone
15. Here’s the light
16. The building
17. The devoted one
18. Do not cry for Romiosini

Other Releases
MINOS 4801902 (1994)
FM Records 1673