Songs and Guitar Pieces by Theodorakis, John Williams - Maria Farantouri

CBS 72947 (1971)

Analyzing Romancero Gitano musically, Gail Holst, in her book about Theodorakis, writes, among other things: If one were looking for the song that would best suit Farantouri’s rich, erratic voice, this could not be other than Pantermi (Soledad).

Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Poetry: Federico García Lorca / Odysseas Elytis, Brendan Behan / Vassilis Rotas, Mikis Theodorakis, Manos

Maria Farantouri: voice
John Williams: classical guitar
Stephen Dodgson: transcription for voice and guitar

Romancero Gitano in poetry by F.G.Lorca
01. Of the Bitter one
02. Antonio Torres Heredia I
03. Antonio Torres Heredia II
04. Loss of love
05. The gypsy nun
06. Preciosa and the Wind
07. Soledad

08. Epitaph No 2
09. Epitaph No 3
10. Epitaph No 4
11. Epitaph No 5

12. The Smiling Boy
(Br.Behan / V.Rotas)
13. Sylva
(M. Theodorakis)
14. Men came
(M. Eleftheriou)

Other Releases
CBS 53688 (1972)
SONY SMK 62266 (1995)