Theodorakis conducts Theodorakis Vo2

POLYDOR 2393025 (1971)

After their collaboration in the Cyclades Minor and Axion Esti, Theodorakis and Elytis continue with the Romancero Gitano. Odysseas Elytis proceeds to a free adaptation of the poetry of the Spaniard Lorca in Greek and Theodorakis’ setting to music was the last one shortly before the imposition of the dictatorship in Greece. Andreas’s Songs are written for Andreas Lentakis, a key member of Lambrakis Youth and PAM. A partition separates the cells of the two competitors who communicate with Morse code, hitting the wall. The music for the four poems from Mythistorima by George Seferis takes place in January 1968 in Averof Prison, where Theodorakis is being held. In her book about Theodorakis, G. Holst, referring to the song In my chest the wound opens again writes: And this is a song that fits especially in the excellent quality of Farantouri’s voice, who interprets the last verse so intensely that the paradoxical image of Seferis stays in our minds for a long time, after her voice has ceased to be heard.

Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Poetry: Federico García Lorca / Odysseas Elytis, Mikis Theodorakis, George Seferis

Romancero Gitano – poetry by F. G. Lorca / Odysseus Elytis)
01. Antonito El Camborio I – M.Farantouri
02. La morte por el amor – M.Farantouri
03. Antonito El Camborio II – M.Farantouri
04. The gypsy nun – M.Farantouri
05. Soledad – M.Farantouri

Andreas’s songs – lyrics by Mikis Theodorakis
06. What you were – Ant. Kalogiannis
07. We are two – Ant. Kalogiannis
08. They lied to you – M. Farantouri / Ant. Kalogiannis
09. At noon – Ant. Kalogiannis

Mythistorima – poetry by Yorgos Seferis
10. Now that you will leave – M. Farantouri
11. The wound in my chest – M. Farantouri
12. Sleep has embraced you – M. Farantouri
13. A little further – M. Farantouri

Other Release
POLYDOR 527105-2 (1994)