Arcadias I, VII, VIII

ΑΝΟΔΟΣ ΠΜΕ Α-148 (1997)

Three of the ten Arcadias, composed by Mikis Theodorakis during his exile in the mountainous Zatouna, recorded in the 1970s. In the composer’s diary of exile, we read: I go and I come in the pages of the Anthology. I stop at Takis Sinopoulos. “Epizon” (Survivor) has something that concerns me – concern us.

Arcadia VI set to poetry by Takis Sinopoulos
01. The Survivor – Maria Farantouri

Arcadia Ι set to poetry by Mikis Theodorakis
02. I am European – Petros Pandis
03. High in Russia’s snowy mountains – Petros Pandis
04. The society of consumption – Petros Pandis
05. My son is nine years old – Petros Pandis
06. Oh, ancient mountains – Petros Pandis

Arcadia VIII set to poetry by Manolis Anagnostakis
07. I speak – Mikis Thedorakis
08. Charis – Maria Farantouri

Other release:
FM Records 1694 (2013)