The Ballad of Mauthausen - Songs for Humanity

Germany, Tour in 7 Cities

23 January – 1st February 2020

Maria Farantouri on tour with The Ballad of Mauthausen and other songs about human values in seven German cities:
Hamburg, 23.01
Düsseldorf, 24.01
Dresden, 26.01
Berlin, 27.01
Munich, 29.01
Stuttgart 30.01
Neu Isenburg, 01.02
Seven concerts dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and the liberation of concentration camps.

Along with Maria Farantouri, the Israeli tenor Assaf Kacholi, the Greek-German actress Sandra von Ruffin and the ensemble Berliner Instrumentalisten: Henning Schmiedt (piano & orchestrations), Volker Schlott (saxophone & flute) and Jens Naumilkat (violoncello). Special guests: Vicky Leandros in Hamburg, the great German actress Iris Berben -reading relevant texts- in Düsseldorf, and the German politician of Turkish origin Cem Özdemir, former leader of the German Green Party, with the Turkish journalist Can Dündar, who sing together with Maria Farantouri Zülfü Livaneli’s song Like the Immigrant, in Berlin.

Her voice has not lost its old strength. Her warm, gentle and dark alto voice always invades the soul and the mind. The word Muse perfectly describes Maria Farantouri, who -after Theodorakis- was discovered a few years ago by Charles Lloyd, while six months ago her new CD “Beyond the Borders” was released by ECM, with songs of Cihan Türkoğlu, writes Oliver Hochkeppel in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, in the article entitled We sing against Oblivion – Ansingen gegen das Vergessen.