The Memory of the Water

LEGEND 2201 153602 (2005)

Twenty-three years after their first album and while they have never stopped giving concerts together and claiming that Art is a vehicle of culture against armaments, Maria Farantouri and Zülfü Livaneli meet again thanks to the memory of the water. The lyrics of Agathi Dimitrouka enliven the common memories of the two peoples, who communicate through the water – the sea – the Aegean. The album concludes with a new arrangement of three songs from the 1982 vinyl (12, 13, 14 – lyrics by Lefteris Papadopoulos).

Music: Zülfü Livaneli
Lyrics: Agathi Dimitrouka & Lefteris Papadopoulos

Henning Schmiedt – piano, arrangements
Halil Karadouman – qanun
Ferhat Livaneli – guitar
Jens Naumilkat – cello
Kostas Konstantinou – bass
Ercan Irmak – ney
Daniel Topo Gioia – percussion
Christos Gotsinas – drums

Symphonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Volos
Conductor: Symeon Gogan

01. The memory of the Water
02. Enchantress lady captain
03. Fountain of the East
04. The nature of the woman
05. Now, it is late
06. The poets faraway
07. The song of the rider
08. From the sky’s blood
09. The kapa of the Cyclopes
10. Farewell
11. The frantic gadder
12. Like the immigrant
13. Lament
14. They planted me in a burnt land