SIRIUS SMH 2053 (2005)

Cantata for one female and two male voices, mixed chorus and symphony orchestra. Manos Hadzithakis began composing parts from Nikos Gatso’s poetry collection in 1972. In the summer of ’85, during his concerts with young singers and Maria Farantouri, at the ancient Roman Forum in Athens, he revealed her that he and Gatsos wished her to sing the part of the female voice. The last notes of the composer in Amorgos date back to 1987. Since then and until his death (1994) he was no longer engaged in the work. Nikos Kypourgos, devoted friend and collaborator of Hadzithakis, undertook the responsibility to adapt and orchestrate Amorgos on the occasion of its performance at the Herodeon in June 2003. Two years later this version was recorded in a studio and released on this CD, in the form of a book with a work by Yannis Moralis on the cover.

Music: Manos Hadzidakis
Poetry: Nikos Gatsos

Orchestration – Adaptation: Nikos Kypourgos
Voice: Maria Farantouri, Tassis Christogiannis, Doros Demosthenous
Orchestra onductor: Loukas Karytinos
Choir conductor: Antonis Kontogeorgiou

01.Introduction – Orchestra
02.Their own country is tied in their sails – Maria Farantouri
03.But the eyes of the seaweed – Doros Dimosthenous
04.And one lost elephant – Tassis Christoyannis
05.And then the angels of the wind shall come – Doros Dimosthenous
06.The hopes of the cricket – Orchestra
07.And because of this i would have you, young men – Tassis Christoyannis
08.And do not laugh, do not cry, do not be glad M.Farantouri/Tassis Christoyannis
09.Is a den of thieves in Hungary – Doros Dimosthenous
10.The owls are hooting – Maria Farantouri
11.For the silence and for the evening – Orchestra
12.That is how the grape goes dry – Doros Dimosthenous
13.That is how quite naked my darling sleeps – Doros Dimosthenous
14.They say the mountains shiver – Tassis Christoyannis
15.Dance with Heraclitus – Orchestra
16.What is it to me, the drop – Maria Farantouri
17.Interlude – Orchestra
18.It was the face of May – Maria Farantouri
19.Two small cyclamens kissing – Orchestra
20.How much I have loved you – Maria Farantouri
21.For years and years I have struggled – D.Dimosthenous/T.Christoyannis /M.Farantouri
22.What is it to me, the drop – Manos Hadzithakis