Love is fear

MINOS 390 (1980)

Song cycle for contralto, baritone and four-piece musical ensemble. “While writing this work, I sometimes wondered if I was following a path that leads nowhere. In other words, does the need to reconcile within myself the memories and mythologies of a yesterday which does not belong entirely to me with the requirements and myths of a today, leads me to a music that expresses neither yesterday nor today but hovers suspended somewhere between the two…” writes the composer on the cover of the album about his work, which is -really- a bold undertaking for the Greek discography, but also a unique experience for the listener – at least at the time it was composed.

Music: Michalis Gregoriou
Poetry: Manolis Anagnostakis

Maria Farantouri: contralto
Yannis Koutras: baritone
Michalis Gregoriou: piano
Nikos Spinoulas: horn
Spyros Kazianis: bassoon
Byron Fidetzis: cello

01. Introduction
02. Love is fear …
03. Scenery
04. Interlude
05. Friends who depart
06. You will go straight ahead
07. Intermezzo
08. When the ships hoot
09. The new song
10. A date years ago
11. coda: Love is fear