17 Tραγούδια

MINOS MCD 906/7 (1990)

I first met Leo Brouwer in March ’87 at the International Guitar Festival in Brussels. In our first meeting, the desire to work together to create an album with songs from different countries and eras was spontaneously born in both of us. The criterion is the common perception of the quality and universality of music creation, art or folk. That’s how we started …, writes Maria Farantouri in the brochure of the album edited by Leo Brouwer. And it is not the only great participation! Universal exclusivity is the interpretation of the Mercedes Sosa in a song by Manos Hadjidakis, in Greek, as well as the composition of three songs by Vangelis Papathanassiou for the voice of Maria Farantouri.

01. Caruso – M.Farantouri / Dionysis Savvopoulos
(Lucio Dalla)
02. San Vincente – M.Farantouri
(Milton Nascimento – Fernando Brant)
03. Adio Querida – M.Farantouri
(Sefardi of 1492)
04. Filho – M.Farantouri
(Milton Nascimento – Fernando Brant)
05. Once upon a summertime – M.Farantouri
(Michel Legrand – Johnny Mercer)
06. Sólo le pido a Dios – M.Farantouri
(León Gieco)
07. Sol Negro – Mercedes Sosa / M.Farantouri
(Caetano Veloso)
08. Now, I know – M.Farantouri
(Vaggelis Papathanasiou – Μιχάλης Μπουρμπούλης)
09. La canzone del mal di luna – M.Farantouri
(Nicola Piovani)
10. Youkali – M.Farantouri
(Kurt Weill – Roger Fernay)
11. The Swans – M.Farantouri
(Manos Hadjidakis – Vassilis Rotas)
12. Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte – M.Farantouri
(Friedrich Holländer)
13. Lullaby – Mercedes Sosa
(Manos Hadjidakis – Federico García Lorca / Nikos Gatsos)
13. As Electra… – M.Farantouri
(Vaggelis Papathanasiou – Michalis Bourboulis)
14. Sarracini – M.Farantouri
(Traditional of Campania – Napoli)
15. Esta Montaña – M.Farantouri
(Sefardi of 1492)
16. Ode I – M.Farantouri
(Vaggelis Papathanasiou – Michalis Bourboulis)