Ancient Poetesses

Athens, Herod’s Atticus Odeon

2 September 2021, 20:30

A tribute by Maria Farantouri to women and female creation from antiquity to the present day.

Part I
Ancient poetesses, unknown, silent, lost in time, fragmented in damaged papyri and parchments: Anyte, Herina, Korinna, Moero, Nossis, Praxilla, Telesilla, but also the famous Sappho, find their way in modern Greek by Thanos Tsaknaki, their place in contemporary music thanks by Lena Platonos and gain a voice to speak again, some twenty-five centuries later, thanks to Maria Farantouri. Nature, the tender relationship with animals, childhood friendship, love, claiming a place in the world as experienced and attributed by women.

Lena Platonos – musical composition, orchestration
Thanos Tsaknakis – adaptation in modern Greek, texts
Maria Farantouri – singing
Maria Skoula – narration
Stergios T. – Programming, editing, keyboards, sound design, orchestration
Socrates Sinopoulos – lyres
Vahan Galstyan – wind instruments
Michalis Porphyris – cello
Michalis Papapetrou – conducting, keyboards

Part II
Favorite and emblematic songs featuring women of myth and history who inspired great Greek poets and composers.

Maria Farantouri, Elli Paspala, Savina Giannatou – singing
Takis Farazis – piano & orchestrations
David Lynch – saxophone & flute
Michalis Porphyris – cello
Iraklis Zakkas – bouzouki, mandolin
Costas Konstantinou – double bass

Dora Bakopoulou (pianist) – special guest