The Great Vigil

COLUMBIA 70159 (1975)

The first album of Eleni Karaindrou and the only one with a cycle of songs, set to poetry by Costas Georgoussopoulos (K.X.Myris). The orchestra was recorded in Greece during the dictatorship and then secretly sent to London, where Maria Farantouri lives at that time, to add her voice. The cover is an Adolescent by painter Yannis Tsarouchis, specially made for this album.

Music: Eleni Karaindrou
Poetry: K.X.Myris

01. The Greek children
02. The revelation
03. The “Hail”
04. The nonprofit shipping line
05. Listen
06. The Greeks once upon a time
07. Do not wake her up
08. Koutris
09. Those who are vigilant
10. Anti-lullaby

Other Publications
EMI 701592 (1993)