SUBWAYS (2009)

Para-phrases are the music Vangelis Katsoulis composed for the film Dancing on Ice by Stavros Ioannou. Later, when this music was to be released, the composer recorded some extra tracks as freer depictions of the climate of the movie. The song Beyond the Bounds interpreted by Maria Farantouri is the title song of this film.

Music | Vangelis Katsoulis
Lyrics | Sotiris Kakissis

01. Contemplation
02. Retrograde
03. Ride in Blue
04. How I feel
05. Only Ice and Snow
06. First Variation
07. Foreboding
08. Cryptic Sounds
09. Back to the Same Mood
10. Sleepless Night
11. Seriously
12. Second Variation
13. Quiet
14. Just Thoughts
15. Far Away
16. How Can I Know?
17. Heading South
18. Alone
19. Third Variation
20. Beyond the Bounds