Legend 2201 155082 (2007)

I felt the familiar old shiver in my heart again and, without thinking much about it, I began to carve a pentagram in the margins of the text and fill them with notes. I want to believe that the ordinary reader and, of course, the listener of these songs will justify me for my choice and will understand what it was that made a heart burdened by time to shiver again. These, among others, are expressed by Mikis Theodorakis in the leaflet of the album for the history of this work, which began on the occasion of the lyrics of Kostas Kartelias. On the album cover Mikis Theodorakis at a young age.

Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Poetry: Kostas Kartelias

Maria Farantouri: voice
Irina Valentinova: piano, arrangements
Dionysis Varvitsiotis: violin
Yorgos Kaloudis: cello, percussion
Vivi Gkeka: mandolin
Yannis Spathas: electric guitar
Dimitris Tsakas: saxophone, guitar
Antonis Andreou: trombone, euphonium
Socrates Anthes: trumpet
Yannis Samprovalakis: clarinet
Konstantinos Konstantinou: bass
Christos Gotsinas: percussion

01. By the sea
02. The song of the companions
03. Shipwrecked
04. The song of the Sirens
05. In the Underworld – Mikis Theodorakis
06. To Calypso
07. The Beautiful Helen
08. Kirki
09. Like the beast
10. The God of Love
11. Sea sorceress
12. To Nafsika
13. The song of Penelope
14. Without identity