LIBRA LM 027-2 (2004)

Melodic tiles from the Mediterranean and the Middle East (by Makis Ablianitis, Ahuva Ozeri, Fuat Saka etc.) but also from the European North (by Sandy Denny, Ross Daly) compose a mosaic of sounds that expresses the need of Maria Farantouri for a constant search around the world. Her voice, the lyrics of Magda Papadaki, the orchestrations of Makis Ablianitis -performed by excellent musicians- deliver a unique musical mosaic.

Voice: Maria Farantouri, Fuat Saka (nr. 2 & 5)
Lyrics: Magda Papadaki
Arrangements: Makis Ablianitis, Ross Daly (nr. 14)
Vocals: Ruslana Asparuhova, Evgenia Milousheva

Manos Achalinotopoulos – winds
Vaggelis Karipis – percussion
Anastasia Katochianou – cello
Yotis Kiourtsoglou – bass
Yorgos Maglaras – violin
Tania Nikoloudi – piano
Christos Papadopoulos – bouzouki
Vassilis Poussaeos – drums
Nikos Sidirokastritis – drums
Hariprasad Chaurasia – flute
Glen Velez – percussion
Haig Yazdjian – oud

01. The dance of the seven veils
(Ahuva Ozeri)
02. Red rain – M.Farantouri / Fuat Saka
03. The most beautiful nights
(Ahuva Ozeri)
04. I am leaving
(Makis Ablianitis)
05. I the faraway East – M.Farantouri / Fuat Saka
(Fuat Saka)
06. Fairy
(Fuat Saka)
07. The nights of St. John
(Ahuva Ozeri)
08. Ballad of silence
(Makis Ablianitis)
09. Acrobats
(Traditional from Turkey)
10. Road
(Makis Ablianitis)
11. Ice fire
(Sandy Denny)
12. Kora
(Armenian lullaby with a traditional Bulgarian intro)
13. Red rain
14. The secret
(Ross Daly)