Maria Fasrantouri sings Livaneli

MINOS 448 (1982)

…Singing unites people. This is confirmed in the best way by the songs of Omer Z. Livaneli. Listening to them -sometimes- we do not know if they are foreign or they belong to us – this element of interaction and common musical sources is unshakable. And yet one more issue: to the (false) dilemma East or West, traditional or modern, Livaneli gives an answer – let’s pay attention to it …, writes Maria Farantouri in her note in the brochure of the album.

Music: Zülfü Livaneli
Lyrics: Lefteris Papadopoulos

Zülfü Livaneli: saz, tzouras, arrangements
Ali Dede: mei, nay, saxophone
Ferhat Livaneli: classical guitar, tzouras, arrangements
Yorgos Philippidis: bass
Christos Gotsinas: drums, percussion
Costas Ganoselis: arrangement (Lament)
Stephanos Stephanopoulos: wind instruments
Pandelis Despotidis: violin
Babis Laskarakis: electric guitar

01. Lei lim lei
02. Lament
03. Karli kayin ormani
(Nazim Hikmet)
04. Legman
05. I was planted in scorched earth
06. Merhaba
07. Like the immigrant
08. Hiroshima
(Nazim Hikmet / Lefteris Papadopoulos)
09. Speak slowly
10. Bulut mu olsam
(Nazim Hikmet)
11. Our days
12. Like Kerem
(Nazim Hikmet / Lefteris Papadopoulos)
13. The herd

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