First Songs

Intuition 3377 2 (2005)

Like a sweet grandfather telling stories to his grandchildren, Mikis Theodorakis sings these songs with sensitivity and tenderness, addressing young children, but also older ones who still retain the essential innocence to listen to him. All the songs contained in this CD were written between 1937 (The little ship) and 1952 (In the Store Window, Lullaby), at the age of 12 to 27 years old.

Music | Mikis Theodorakis
Poetry | Yeorgios Drosinis, Kostis Palamas, Kostas Hadzopoulos, Antigone Metaxa, Vassilis Rotas, Heinrich Heine, Aggelos Vlachos, Michael Stasinopoulos, Fotis Aggoules, Petros Granitis, Aristotle Valaoritis

Singing | Mikis Theodorakis, Maria Farantouri
Dimitris Typaldos Children’s Choir
Orchestrations | Henning Schmiedt

01. What I Want – M. Theodorakis
(Y. Drossinis)
02. More Than the Exchange of Glances – M. Theodorakis
(K. Palamas)
03. Autumn – M. Farantouri
(K. Hadzopoulos)
04. In the Store Window – M. Theodorakis
(A. Metaxa)
05. Peace – M. Theodorakis
(V. Rotas)
06. The Little Ship – M. Theodorakis
(Unknown Poet)
07. You Are Like a Flower – M. Theodorakis
(Heinrich Heine)
08. How Calmly They Sleep – M. Theodorakis
(A. Vlahos)
09. Margarita – M. Theodorakis
(M. Stassinopoulos)
10. Evening Mass – M. Theodorakis
(Y. Drossinis)
11. Lullaby – M. Theodorakis
(F. Aggoules)
12. It Is Not Just the Nightingales – M. Theodorakis / M. Farantouri
(K. Palamas)
13. Good Night – M. Theodorakis
(P. Granitis)
14. In the Tilled Earth of My Garden – M. Theodorakis
15. The Vine Tendril – M. Theodorakis / M. Farantouri
(Ar. Valaoritis)
16. Autumn – M. Theodorakis
(K. Hadzopoulos)