Atene in Piazza, 1940/1965


A 45rpm disc released in Italy and referring to the Resistance struggles in Greece, linking recent history (Resistance against the Italian-German occupation and the political events that led to the coup d’état of ’67) with the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Rule in 1821.

On the cover: Grigoris Lambrakis in his lonely marathon for Peace and Greece, a front page of Avgi newspaper and Sotiris Petroulas. His brutal murder on 21st of July 1965, during a student demonstration, inspires Theodorakis to write the famous song. It is first performed by the crowds accompanying the murdered student at his funeral. Shortly afterwards, the Greek people march to Constitution Square with the slogan 1-1-4, defending the Constitution and the Laws, following the overthrow of the legitimate government of Yeorgios Papandreou and the order to form a government (by Palace) to Yeorgios Athanasiadis-Novas. An audio document of this protest march, on 04.08.1965, recorded by Olympia Papadouka, is included in this disc.
(1-1-4: final article of the Greek Constitution -at the time the events take place- according to which its observance is entrusted to the patriotism of the Greeks).

The album also includes the well-known kleftiko Down in Valtos villages, as well as three satirical songs written for the Greek-Italian War in Albania in 1940.
(Kleftes were the members of the Greek illegal armed groups on the mountains during the period of the Ottoman rule: 1453-1821).

Music | Anonymous, Theophrastos Sakellaridis, Sofia Vembo, Mikis Theodorakis
Lyrics | Anonymous, Giorgos Thisvios, Mikis Theodorakis

Singing | Paolo Castagnino, Retti Zalokosta, Nikos Theodosiadis, Maria Farantouri
Folk Ensemble | Musical Gruppo Celso di Genova

01. Down in Valtos villages – P. Castagnino
02. Duce puts on his uniform – R. Zalokosta / N. Theodosiadis
(Th. Sakellaridis – G. Thisvios)
03. The Italian goes to war – P.Castagnino
(S. Vembo – Th. Sakellaridis / G. Thisvios)
04. Forty-Five Fowls – P. Castagnino
05. Song for Sotiris Petroulas – M. Farantouri
(M. Theodorakis)
06. Demonstration of the 4th of August 1965 at the Constitution Square of Athens