Odeon of Herodes Atticus, 6 September 1988

MINOS 753/4 LP (1988)

Double album with the recording of the concert of Helene Karaindrou at Herodeon Roman Odeon, with musical themes and songs for films and plays.

Music | Helene Karaindrou
Lyrics | Christoforos Christofis, Tonia Marketaki, Helene Karaindrou, Arleta, Lefteris Papadopoulos

Singing | Maria Farantouri, Yorgos Dalaras
Tenor saxophone | Jan Garbarek
Small Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lefteris Halkiadakis

Theo Angelopoulos – Landscape in the Mist
01. Father’s Theme (adagio)
Christoforos Christofis – Rosa
02. Trieste
03. Inn
04. Rosa’ s Aria – Maria Farantouri
(Christoforos Christofis)
Christoforos Christofis – Wandering
05. Houses of Alexandria
Tonia Marketaki – The price of love
06. The Decision
07. The price of love – H. Karaindrou
(Tonia Marketaki)
Theodoros Angelopoulos – Journey to Kythira
08. Travelling
09. Concerto-Alexandros’ Theme
10. Blues-Wander in the city
11. Journey to Kythera – Yorgos Dalaras
(H. Karaindrou)
12. The journey
Jules Dassin – The Seagull
13. The Seagull
14. The song of the lake – M. Farantouri
Lefteris Xanthopoulos – Happy Homecoming, Comrade
15. The march
16. The return
Theodoros Angelopoulos – The Beekeeper
17. My tearful eyes – Y. Dalaras
(Lefteris Papadopoulos)
18. Theme of farewell
19. The rock of the canteen
20. Improvisation on the theme of the waltz
21. The waltz
Theodoros Angelopoulos – Landscape in the mist
22. Theme of travel
23. Father’s Theme (adagio)
Theodoros Angelopoulos – The beekeeper
24. Improvisation on the theme of farewell

Other Release
1989 MINOS 489015 CD