Golden-Green Leaf

COLUMBIA 70211 LP (1966)

Music for the film The Island of Aphrodite, directed by Charilaos Papadopoulos. Theodorakis composed the music in 1964, a year after his first visit to Cyprus.

Music | Mikis Theodorakis
Lyricsd | Mikis Theodorakis, Nikos Gatsos, Leonidas Malenis, Antis Pernaris

Singing | Maria Farantouri, Grigoris Bithikotsis
Popular Orcestra, Choir

01. Little Swallow
02. Mommy, your son – Gr. Bithikotsis
(M. Theodorakis)
03. Bleeding Moon
04. Maronas
05. Lament
06. Bleeding Moon – M. Farantouri
(N. Gatsos)
07. Mommy, your son
08. Arodafnousa
09. Little Swallow – Gr. Bithikotsis
(L. Malenis)
10. Troodos
11. Anthem of the National Guard – Choir
(A. Pernaris)
12. Golden-Green Leaf – Gr. G. Bithikotsis
(L. Malenis)

Other Releases
EMI 83444402 CD (1995)