Golden Discography 1965

MINOS – EMI 4804342 CD (1994)

A collection of MINOS EMI’s greatest hits from 1965, released on CD in 1994. Maria Farantouri on her first professional recording, which, at the time, was released on a 45–rpm disc. The CD contains a very interesting note by the journalist and researcher of popular song Panos Yeramanis on the New Wave – a music movement that made its appearance that year. There is also a diary of the most important artistic, social and political events of 1965.

01. Pour poison into the glass – Manolis Angelopoulos
(Apostolos Kaldaras – Eftychia Papagiannopoulou)
02. A star falls – Vicky Moscholiou
(Ap. Kaldaras)
03. I didn’t expect you to punish me – Panos Gavalas
(P. Gavalas – Vassilis Vassiliadis)
04. How can I forget – Yota Lydia
(Yannis Karambesinis)
05. In my hut – Stelios Kazandzidis / Marinella
(Yorgos Mitsakis)
06. Patience – Grigoris Bithikotsis / Aliki Vougiouklaki
(Stavros Xarchakos – Alekos Sakellarios)
07. The Sunsets – V. Moscholiou
(Yorgos Zambetas – Charalambos Vassiliadis)
08. On the old path – Babis Tsetinis
(Stefanos Vartanis)
09. You leave, my beloved – Fouli Demetriou
(Ap. Kaldaras)
10. I stepped on a rotten board – Spyros Zagoraeos
(Yerasimos Kluvatos – Ch. Vassiliadis)
11. At Apostolis’ small tavern– Vangelis Perpiniadis / Marios
(Ap. Kaldaras – Evt. Papagiannopoulou)
12. My damned body – Kaete Gray
(Christos Kiritsis – Yorgos Nomikos)
13. You may have left – P. Gavalas / Ria Kourti
(P. Gavalas – V. Vassiliadis)
14. Dawns – V. Moscholiou
(Y. Zambetas – Dimitris Christodoulou)
15. Corner by Corner – Gr. Bithikotsis
(Mikis Theodorakis – D. Christodoulou)
16. The trains that left – V. Moscholiou
(St. Xarchakos – Vangelis Goufas / Vassilis Andreopoulos)
17. Gone is this Sunday – L. Papas
(Lakis Papas – Yannis Argyris)
18. Someone is celebrating – M. Farantouri/L.Papas
(Spyros Papas – Yannis Argyris)
19. Saturday night in Kaisariani – Gr.Bithikotsis
(St. Xarchakos – Lefteris Papadopoulos)
20. The young lads – Marinella
(Yannis Markopoulos – Akos Daskalopoulos)