Cabbages and Guffaws

LEGEND 2201341572, 2201341582 (2008)

A collection of children’s songs, excerpts from the language book of the 1st grade of the Elementary School set to music by Tassos Ioannidis, addressed to children, but also enjoyable for adults. Maria Farantouri performs two songs.

Music | Tasos Ioannidis
Lyrics | Eleni Karantzola, Kalliopi Kirdi, Tatiana Spanelli, Theodora Tsiagani

Singing | Maria Farantouri, Eugenios Spatharis, Elias Mamalakis, Tasos Ioannidis, Choir of the Arsakeion Elementary Schools of Ekali
Orchestrations | Kostas Ganoselis

01. Urchin – Tassos Ioannidis
02. Titina, the hen – Tassos Ioannidis
03. Parrot
04. Helicopter
05. Snail
06. The Package
07. Eight big mice – Elias Mamalakis
08. Nena and Nana
09. Rhinoceros and Rooster
10. Joanna
11. Hippopotamus
12. The duckling
13. Shadow Theater – Eugenios Spatharis
14. The handsome young man – Eugenios Spatharis
15. We play hide and seek
16. The cat casts a spell
17. If I were a hare
18. Cabbage and Guffaws
19. The weed, the cat
20. Which tail suits me?
21. The puppy
22. The bean and the chickpea – Maria Farantouri
23. The snowy girl and the cloudy girl – Maria Farantouri
24. The two friends