60 Years of Singing

Thessaloniki, Fortress of Heptapyrgion

Tuesday, 11 & Wednesday, 12 July 2023, 21:15

Maria Farantouri celebrates 60 years of stage presence at the iconic Heptapyrgion Fortress with a selection from her wide repertory. It was in 1963, at the Municipal Theatre of Peiraeus, that Mikis Theodorakis first heard her singing as a soloist -with the the choir of the Association of Friends of Greek Music- and decided that she would become his priestess and her voice would give life to his greatest works.

Soon, the interpreter of the great poets is associated with Manos Hadzidakis and the works he writes for her voice (The Age of Melissanthi, The Irrationals, Dark Mother, Amorgos), Manos Loizos (The Negro Songs), Eleni Karaindrou (The Great Vigil), Zülfü Livaneli, Lucio Dalla, Vangelis Papathanasiou, Lena Platonos and other composers, Greek and foreign. Maria Farantouri will sing songs from the above cycles and other albums.

Maria Farantouri
Evi Siamanda

Achilleas Guastor | piano, arrangements
David Lynch | winds
Hercules Zakkas | bouzouki, mandolin
Michalis Porphyris | cello
Konstantinos Manos | double bass