Yannis Markopoulos in Greek Cinema

MINOS 694 LP (1987)

A collection of songs and music composed by Yannis Markopoulos for films which were released between 1962 and 1978. Maria Farantouri recorded in Rome, in 1970, the song Zavara-katra-nemia for the film Dearest by G. Kosmatos, which was later included in this album.

Music | Yannis Markopoulos
Poetry | Dimitris Christodoulou, Errikos Thalassinos, Lefteris Papadopoulos, Yannis Markopoulos, Yorgos Chronas, Yannis Skourtis, Akos Daskalopoulos
Singing | Stelios Kazandzidis, Nikos Kourkoulos, Marinella, Vicky Moscholiou, Yannis Poulopoulos, Maria Farantouri, Melina Mercouri, Nikos Xylouris, Maria Dimitriadis, Dimitris Papamichael, Aliki Vouyuklaki, Manolis Mitsias

01. Which road is open – St.Kazandzidis / N.Kourkoulos / Marinella
(D. Christodoulou)
02. Beyond the sea – V. Moscholiou
(Er. Thalassinos)
03. Unleash the swords – C. Poulopoulos
(L. Papadopoulos)
04. Breakfast in Nafplio – Orchestra
05. Zavara-katra-nemia – M. Farantouri
(Y. Markopoulos)
06. No, we must not meet – M. Mercouri
(Y. Chronas)
07. Little Aphrodites – Orchestra
08. Here comes my darling – V. Moscholiou
(L. Papadopoulos)
09. The enemies have entered the city – N. Xylouris / M. Demetriades
(Y. Skourtis)
10. The fate of an innocent – Orchestra
11. The lads – Marinella
(Ak. Daskalopoulos)
12. Let go of your stubbornness – D. Papamichael / Al. Voujiouklaki
(L. Papadopoulos)
13. Song of division – Choir & Orchestra
(lyrics from the Odyssey)
14. Where are you this spring – M. Mitsias
(D. Christodoulou)

Other Release
1987 MINOS 4809462 CD