Music & Songs from Performances of the Experimental Stage "Techni"

LYRA 0176 CD (1995)

Collector’s album with orchestral music and songs from performances of the Experimental Stage “Techni” (Art). Maria Farantouri interprets the songs How awesome! (22) and The Little Pig (30).

Music | Hercules Paschalidis, Kostas Vombolos
Poetry | Euripides, Odysseas Elytis, Nikos Chourmouziadis, Catherine Ann, Nikiforos Papandreou, Bertolt Brecht, Dylan Thomas, Katerina Angelaki Rook, Stella Michaelidou

Singing: Roula Manisanou, Yorgos Glastras, Christos Arnomallis, Kostis Damakis, Helene Demopoulou, Meni Kyriakoglou, Stella Michaelidou, Dimitris Naziris, Alekos Spyridakis, Efi Stamoulis, Lydia Fotopoulou, Maria Farantouri

01-06 Music by H.Paschalidis
07-11 Music by K.Vombolos to poetry by Od.Elytis (excerpt from the poem Maria Nefeli)
12-15 Music by K.Vombolos from Euripides’ Alceste, translation by N. Chοurmouziadis. Leading performers R.Manissanou & G. Glastras and a Chorus of actors
16-18 Music by H.Paschalidis
19-21 Music by K.Vombolos for the play Tita-Lou by C.Anne translated in Greek by N.Papandreou
22-24 Music by H.Paschalidis to poetry by B.Brecht, adapted in Greek by Od.Elytis
25-31 Music by H.Paschalidis to poetry by D.Thomas, adapted in Greek by K. Angelaki Ruk
32-34 Music by K.Vombolos to lyrics by St. Michailidou
35-37 Music by K.Vombolos

01. The dance of the town hall
02. La mort
03. The hundredth night
04. The Puppet Theatre
05. The march to the Parliament
06. Dialogue avec la mort
07. Every Moon confesses
08. The song of Maria Nefeli
09. Your true day
10. I walk among thorns
11. The rap
12. Apollo and death
13. Nowhere on earth
14. The palace of Admetus
15. The Fate
16. Painting on wood
17. Quando
18. The Tango of the Madman and the Grim Reaper
19. The Song of Colours
20. Night with Father
21. The song of the day
22. How awesome!
23. Judge Azdak
24. Four generals
25. Mr. JSB
26. Polly and Willy Wu
27. A big topiary cloth
28. Polly and Willie Wee
29. In the candy store of Miphaney
30. The little pig
31. Under Milk Wood
32. The Bad Sisters
33. Mama Witch’s Kiss
34. An underground frog
35. Adèle et Ernestine
36. Fox trot
37. The identification