Reliefs of a Humble Art

WEA 0927 48632–2 (2002)

Collection of traditional songs from various regions of Greece and from areas (Minor Asia) that once belonged to Greece. Maria Farantouri sings Menoussis (15).

Singing | Babis Tsertos, Jimis Panousis, Nadia Karagianni, Savvas Siatras, Hronis Aedonidis, Maria Farantouri

01. Oh, my little brunnette
Urban Song of Smyrna – Adaptation: G.Papadakis
02. Erinaki
Traditional of Leros Island
03. Dimitroula
Traditional of Skyros Island
04. Cinnamon Root – J.Panousis
Traditional of Asia Minor
05. Ballos – Mastic
Traditional of Asia Minor
06. In the Upper Neighbourhood
Traditional of Peloponnese – Tropaea of Arcadia
07. My Sweetie
Traditional of Peloponnese – Tropaea of Arcadia
08. You Birds of the Plain – N.Karayanni
Traditional of Peloponnese – Tropaea of Arcadia
09. Marjoram
Traditional Peloponnese
10. The Mountains of Mani
Traditional of Peloponnese – Tropea of Arcadia
11. My Unrequited Love – S.Siatras
Traditional of Epirus
12. Go and Tell Your Mom – H.Aedonidis / B.Tsertos
Traditional of Asia Minor
13. The Knickers
Traditional of Cyprus
14. Birds that Fly
Traditional of Peloponnese
15. Menoussis – Maria Farantouri
Traditional of Epirus – Adaptation: G.Papadakis