Songs that made history

Austria, Salzburg, Great Hall of the University

8 June 2022, 20:00

The Department of Educational Sciences at the University of Salzburg, on the initiative of Professor Vassilios Baros – a specialist in educational research, is organizing the First Ernst Bloch Conference entitled “Utopia & Resistance” and invites Maria Farantouri to give a concert with songs about democratic values, society and humans themselves – the defeated ones in the whirlwind of multiple developments that have a direct and destructive effect on human living, symbiosis and locomotion: The war that is now raging in Europe, the new wave of refugees, xenophobia, the nationalist upsurge and the continuing spread of viruses.

Maria Farantouri | singing
Vassilis Gisdakis | singing

Achilles Gouastor | piano & arrangements
Heracles Zakkas | bouzouki
David Lynch | sax & flute

Information about the Ernst Bloch Symposium Utopia and Resistance